What we do:

Shine Bright empowers communities to get well, be well and stay well for longer and prevent the need for costly specialist interventions. Using an asset-based approach we support communities holistically to meet their needs from physiological to psychological (Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs).

We draw on the benefits of quality peer support, the power of the creative arts, self-care promotion, participation and therapeutic wellbeing interventions framed by community theory and inspired by the ethics of WRAP® (Wellness Recovery Action Planning © Copeland centre)

  • Hope,
  • Education,
  • Support,
  • Self-Advocacy and
  • Personal Responsibility.

The service offer

Shine Bright (NS) CIC can offer holistic therapeutic support to communities struggling with a variety of wellbeing and mental health needs. To be well, Maslow believes an individual’s basic needs must be met initially, then physiological and next psychological in order to have any chance of reaching their full potential and self-actualising.

The support offered by the service is designed to tackle challenges that an individual, group or community are facing in any or all of these stages click here to see the difficulties that the service offer can support.

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