Group Support

Communities are supported through age appropriate groups that navigate a 12-week wellness programme that explores attendees understanding of self, theirs and others wellness, early warning signs, wellness tools and strategies, identifying and managing triggers, daily planning and crisis planning.

Funding is being sought currently to fund our groupwork. Groups that will be available dependant on funding are,

  • Family Group – parents/ carers with children up to age of 7yrs old.
  • Junior Group – 8 – 13yrs old
  • Seniors Group – 14 – 17yrs old 
  • Transition Group – 18 -25yrs old

Groups can be delivered both face to face and virtually using Zoom.  Shine Bright accepts up to 15 individuals in a group. Click here to find out more about how the groups run. I will have a pdf doc or leaflet about group to download here.

The group support delivered at any one time responds to the referrals received into the service and the need expressed by the communities.

Bespoke wellness peer support groups for organisations can be delivered.  Do enquire about the group support that we are currently able to facilitate.

Ongoing recurring PSG’s – peer support groups develop from the 12-week programme which help our communities maintain their wellness for longer. This accessible resource also provides a bank of potential experienced members to become our volunteer peer facilitators for the expansion and roll out of future groups reaching wider communities.   

Individual Support

Individuals can receive support either face to face or virtually for their wellness. Individuals will receive therapeutic wellbeing support for their varied needs in confidential weekly sessions and will have the opportunity to develop their own wellness WRAP plan and crisis plans. A WRAP plan helps individuals to understand how to,

  • Feel better
  • Take control of their life
  • Understand and manage their feelings
  • Develop coping mechanisms that can help them through tough and challenging times and.
  • Plan and achieve their goals

Parenting and Family Support

Adopting the Leeds Think Family model, Shine Bright supports parents and carers individually and in unison with their child to improve communication and restore communication, mend relationships and improve wellness.

Our Projects

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